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April 9, 2013 / Rob Walls

This Working Life

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For the past three years, inspired in part by the ground-breaking photography of the US Farm Security Administration of the 1930s and generously sponsored by Jobs Australia, I have been privileged to travel over 50,000 kilometres throughout Australia exploring with my cameras,  the subject of work across the broadest spectrum.

In my journey, I’ve learned much about the nature of work and our relationship to it. Predicting the future is never easy, but in attempting to anticipate change in what we do for our daily bread, I believe it helps if we know where we have been. This Working Life is about providing a pictorial benchmark against which we can measure change…but more importantly, it’s about the continuing dignity of our endeavours in how we make our livelihood. The project is ongoing…

The average wage in Australia in 2009 was $62,270 a year. Australian Bureau of Statistics

“On average, the chief executives of the 100 largest companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange were paid $4.5 million, or about $86,500 per week.” Jane Cadzow, Outrageous Fortune, The Good Weekend February 13, 2010

The copyright in all photographs in this blog belongs to the photographer, Rob Walls. They are protected under Australian and international copyright law. They may not be copied, used in any form or linked to without the express permission of the author. © Rob Walls 2013


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