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June 11, 2013 / Rob Walls

Painters, Hobart

Painters, Goulburn Street, Hobart (c) Rob Walls 2013

Painters, Goulburn Street, Hobart © Rob Walls 2013

The picture that triggered the concept of this project was one of two painters on ladders in Harrington Street, Hobart. I took it three years ago at 8:32am on the 5th of January, 2010. This picture of two painters working from a cherry picker was shot in Goulburn Street Hobart this afternoon (11th June) at 2.07pm. The building my painters were working on in 2010, is in direct line of sight, barely 100 metres from where I took this picture. Full circle? Not really.

This Working Life is an on-going project and in August, I will be setting off yet again to traverse the country seeking out pictures of ordinary Australians, going about their working lives. This next journey will take me to Melbourne, Adelaide and then north to Alice Springs. From there I will turn east travelling through Mt Isa and on to Townsville. On reaching the coast I intend heading slowly south to Brisbane and then back to Hobart via Sydney and Melbourne again. This time I expect to be on the road for about three months and travel approximately 15,000km.


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